Our People

What makes Circle great is our people.

Whilst every organisation says they have the best people, at Circle we believe our people are our competitive advantage. Combined our team has approximately 100 years experience in supporting customers with thought leadership, quality design, integration, implementation and support services. We have a broad range of skills, capability and certifications in the technologies we represent. We believe our team to be the best in the industry, and recruit accordingly. Every one of our team is focussed on the customer outcome that is ensuring you get the best possible result for your organisation and your customers – its part of who we are and what we do.
When you do engage with Circle you are dealing with the people who own and run the business with Peter Merwood and Tony Lennon as Directors and Shareholders. This means we react and make decisions quickly. We are not encumbered by layers of management and bureaucracy which often means decision cycles and projects are bogged down in confusion, uncertainty and inefficiency. In our experience this often leads to delays, frustration, risk and cost to the customer – we guarantee you will not have that experience with Circle, and our customers enjoy this aspect of working with us. Try us – we know you will experience a totally different way of engaging.