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    June 2016 - After two intensive periods of product training, we're proud to announce that Dave Webster is now New Zealand's only Certified Cyara Architect.  A Cyara Customer Experience Solution can be delivered from the cloud or from premise based equipment.  Dave is now qualified to consult on the design of a Cyara solution and implement and support that solution.  Well done Dave.
    May 2016 - Circle is pleased to welcome Tony Lennon to our team as our Sales & Marketing Director. We're focussed on careful and controlled growth and Tony's role is to seek out new opportunities for us to demonstrate to customers our commitment to their customer engagement goals and aspirations.  Tony is excited to be joining Circle at a time when the company is growing and looking to expand its capability and offerings to customers. He's been involved with Circle for a number of years as a supplier and customer and, to paraphrase a famous quote, “he’s so impressed he’s bought (part of) the company”!!
    April 2016 - Ed took satisfaction earlier this month when an updated telephone banking platform based on Genesys GVP that he was instrumental in developing was implemented by a major New Zealand bank.  The implementation went smoothly and now provides the bank with a foundation for speech recognition and voice biometrics which Ed is also working on. 

ICE - Contact Centre and Back Office Desktop Solution

ICE is the desktop component that enables you to realise your investment in your Genesys solution. ICE sits between your Genesys environment and business systems and exchanges the knowledge captured during the handling of a phone, chat, e-mail or task interaction with the other systems within your business to shorten interaction handling times, avoid double-entry of data, provide full customer transaction records and minimise clicks and keystrokes.

Left arrowWatch the video we’ve prepared to find out more about the power of ICE.

CCSPI - Desktop reader board

CCSPI – Desktop Reader Board

If information is important it must be visible all the time and from everywhere in your contact centre.

CCSPI brings your display board off the wall and onto every agent’s PC screen. Key telephony information is right in front of agents’ eyes and (optionally) on top of all other information displayed by your business applications. Agents can’t help but notice it.

Contact Centre agents can also track progress toward their personal targets using CCSPI. Agent login, ready, not ready and talk time and any other agent statistics can be displayed by CCSPI.

1. Getting the Job Done on Time - If getting the job completed on time is important to you, then Circle is the right choice. We take getting the job done when we say we will more seriously than you can imagine.

Over the last 5 years working with Circle they consistently get the job done without any fuss. They are efficient, meet their deadlines and they know what they are doing.” Paul Watson, Client Services Manager, Gen-i

2. Quick to Respond - If you like being able to easily get a response to a query, then Circle is the right choice. You get to speak to the person who knows you and your situation rather than a service desk.

3. Access to Decision Makers - If you like being able to progress projects quickly because you are able to speak to the people who can give you an answer, then Circle is the right choice. We own the company and care about making sure you get what you need.

The Circle team are very responsive to queries and most importantly they’re competent. You get to know them well and I can easily get hold of the best person for the job at hand.” IT Operations Team Leader - Major Insurer

4. Competence, Quality & Professionalism - If you want to be sure the people doing the work know their stuff, then you can be assured the 36 years of collective experience in Genesys solutions translates into serious competence and quality work.

5. Balanced Guidance - If you value an honest upfront perspective of your situation along with a balanced opinion, then you’ll get that from Circle. The years of experience translates into knowledge and perspective of what is available and what can work. Effectively solving problems is a Circle specialty.

Peter gives a balanced view of what we actually receive benefit from and doesn’t oversell. He’s not afraid to challenge our thinking, but I know he has the knowledge and experience to back it up. I can trust Peter and Circle to do what they say they’ll do.” Chief Operating Officer - Major Insurer

6. Value for Money - If getting good value for your investment is important to you, then Circle is the right choice. Clients say we’re good value because they get what they need, it works and they pay a fair price.

Our Products

Our speciality is the development of desktop applications for contact centre agents and back office users to empower them with the information and functions they need to efficiently handle a customer enquiry or accomplish a task.

Our Services

We take support seriously and will ensure your complex Genesys and Verint solutions are supported effectively and function reliably.

For more information on Circle Consulting & Software please contact us on:

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